Hi, everyone and welcome to my diamond lifestyle and personal development website. Personal development have been my passion ever since I was a 15 years old and over the years I have purchase a lot of books on how to improve my skills set as well as my life.

Being a kid from Ghana with a limited in opportunity in terms of education and resources, I was often looking for alternatives to help me get better at my life. This usually came in the form of sitting in my room reading books and searching for information on how to get better successes for hours on end.

Now I want to share my experience back.

Over the year I have learnt a lot about personal growth, a lot about sitting goals and achieving them, a lot of living your dream life that help improve your day to day activity and how to increase productivity and maximize your profit. And I want to offer some insights in to many of these as well as with updated tips and techniques the real professional are using these days.

A little story about my life and my development journey

Growing up I was always a little average than everybody else. In fact when I graduated from Secondry School I was still behind when it comes to learning and achieving goals( wants or needs ). I always felt I had to work a little harder and do whatever it took to move above or level with my friends.

As you all know we are all in competition with one another trying to get better and achieve our dreams and move above average in all career,

I literally used to spend hours in my room studying, applying the knowledge that I have learnt from books and video seminars and modeling some of my heroes in the personal development industry and these include Jim Roln, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Zig Zigla, Les Brown and Tony Robbins.

I will also spend hours reading books and motivational videos and interviews on some top coaches and business gurus on how to improve my knowledge. I bought just about every book and every video or audio cassette made out at that time to improve this. There are obviously genetics limitations to overall success but when you follow the story of Napoleon Hill ( What ever the mind of man conceive and believe, it can achieve ) that gives me hope that I can get whatever I desire.

The world have change

The idea of being successful have change from high intellectual to the understanding of success and how it is achieved where someone can go to the top schools in the world and still lack the idea of being successful in the real world while average student or drop-outs are being successful and having their large share of the riches in the world.

Different occupation requires different skill sets and different mind sets but ultimately the core and the foundation of all success in life these days is base on the ability choose a passionate career, study, apply your knowledge and persist to the end without quitting.

Most of the ideas that I’m going to be sharing here is going to be centered on improving skill set, with an underlying focus always being on personal growth, dreaming big, goals setting, taking action, persistence and how to achieve success no matter your occupation or country.

They say nothing can take the will of man if he is willing to stand by it

There is no point preceding when you are going the wrong way and you are not being productive using the allotted time that you have. A lot can be achieve widen an hour through studying and thinking on the right way. I will be providing you with ideas and my experience on how to best and moving to the top in all works of live.

These can lead to maximum success and a happy life so just follow and enjoy the ideas here for your own benefits.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


The founder of my diamond lifestyle.

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