What is Positive Attitude?

A positive attitude is the right feeling we have about anything, the belief that everything would turn all right, an attitude that helps you see the good in life in a way of positive thinking and also an attitude mindset that helps you see and recognize opportunities.

Our attitude focuses primarily on the emotional issues that affect our existence, what we know determines our thinking and how we feel about what we know determines our attitude

Like thoughts, our emotions have the ability to propel us towards future fortune with a positive attitude or future disaster with a negative attitude.

The feeling we have within us about our work, people, our finance, our homes, and the world in general collectively forms our attitude. With a positive attitude, human beings can move mountains and with a negative attitude, they can be crushed by the smallest grain of sand.

A positive attitude is important to happiness, joy, and success in life. This state of mind brings light, hope, and passion into the life of those who practice it.

Practicing positive attitude in your life does not mean that everything will always move the right away and there will be no obstacles on the road. However, it ensures that any setback you might face will not stop you and that you will go on, re-attempt, and do your best despite any obstacles.

People with a positive attitude, view life, setbacks, and the situations they go through, with faith and are sure they can handle them.

“Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones, You’ll Start Having Positive Results.”

– Willie Nelson

The 5 Top Must Have Attitudes

  1. Positive Attitude towards ourselves – The thoughts and feelings we allow ourselves to have today are essential, for they are adding to our future. What that future holds will simply be a mirror of an image of our current attitude about life. Having a good attitude towards ourselves in any circumstance can be the beginning of our success, the attitude of “I can”, and “it is possible”. If anyone can do it you can also do it and the appreciating of self-worth is the beginning of progress. This is the kind of values we should place on ourselves to achieve what we want in life.
  2. Positive Attitude towards the Past – Part of the wonders of the future lies in the past. Past lessons, errors, failure, and success are the experience of what has happened to us and the point of view we treat this valuable lessons can be beneficial if we are positive about it and see it as a lesson to learn from, it can be a major impact on our lives. Until we have finally accepted that there is nothing we can do to change the past, our feelings of regrets and bitterness will prevent us from designing a better future with the possibilities that are before us today. It’s important to gather the lessons from the parts and invest them in the future which is the best way to approach the past. Developing a positive attitude about the past is the key to changing our current attitude
  3. Positive attitude toward the present – Today brings 1.440 minutes; 86.400 ticks of the clock. Time favors no one, wither you are rich or poor. When we have a positive attitude about the present ( now ), we see it as an opportunity to create an exciting future and with a positive attitude, we can seize the present and make it a point of a fresh beginning. Today is the moment we can make an attitude change from negative to positive as time waits for no man so that we can have a better life that we want.
  4. Positive Attitude towards the future – The future is our hope so it is important to us, with the right attitude we are free from fear and we can use our inner ability to dream and design a better future. All the opportunities we hope for in life are in the future, with a positive attitude, patient, and determination victory is ours.
  5. Positive Attitude towards people or customers – We all need each other. The value you place on other people will be the same value they will place on you, friends, family members, and the society are the people we will be working with and we should give them all the support, care and motivation they need in return we can also get the same from them. We should remember that it’s our customers who pay us not our employers because if there are no customers there are no business and workers
  6. Positive attitude towards our work – Our work is where we earn our living from and with the right attitude we can so dynamically increase our productivity. There is an Asian quote about work which famously said: ” whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, do it with all your strength and do it with all your power”. The right attitude of doing more than you are paid for, going to work early, and staying committed to what you are doing can be the best attitude you should have if you want a positive life change.

How To Form a Positive Attitude

Our attitude can be control by ourselves and everybody have this ability just that it’s most at times challenging.

Forming a positive attitude can be achieve if we can take our time with careful observation of where we get our information from, this can be books, media, friends, family, schools, and our surroundings since this determines what we know or think it also leads to how we feel and how we feel forms our attitude.

The sources in which we get our information can be negative or positive and if it’s positive we are safe but if it’s negative, we will always have unhappy life unless we find a proper or positive source of information to feed the brain so that we can make a better decision which leads to the formation of new positive attitude.

We are so lucky that we have a lot of resource around us to improve our attitude and you can practice the following to build or form a solid positive attitude:

  • Take note of your thought whether they are positive ones or negative ones
  • Reading books
  • Listening and watching motivational cassette and videos
  • Associate with good friends
  • Using positive vocabulary
  • Limit your media life to something educational
  • Also, learn how to use affirmation

With a little effort in observing the above ideas, you can form a positive attitude for yourself and help others who are also having the same problem.

Motivational speakers, writers, and teachers have taught and written about a positive attitude for centuries which brings awareness to a lot of people and it’s impacting a lot of value to many lives.

Famous people such as Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and now Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Willie Jolley, Eric Thomas, and Jack Canfield, to name a few. This topic is very essential in our lives and because of this, there are many teachers, books, and websites that speak on the topic not to exclude this site.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”

– William James

Thank you for going through what I have spent my life so far gathering and do not forget to recommend your friends to this site or share what you have learned here to your friends and families and let everyone have a wonderful life.

Don’t forget to leave a comment or any questions relating to this topic and Lets learned from each other.

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Tracy · August 22, 2019 at 3:56 pm

Wow! This is an inspirational article to which has come very handy to me. Having positive attitude is an integral factor to being happy and succeeding at being happy and living a great life.  The 6must have attitudes are spot on as they are the necessity to life. Formulating a positive attitude actually makes life more easier and enjoyable. I will be more than glad to share this post out to the the world because I know it would help quire lot of people. Thanks

    Sumani · August 22, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    Thanks for taking the time in going through my post and gaining the benefits that I have shared.

    I’m gladly receiving your comment and there will be more of these quality ideas posted on here and I will encourage you to visit this website often so that you will keep benefiting from these great ideas.

    Take care.

Henderson · August 22, 2019 at 3:59 pm

Wow, I can see now that getting a positive attitude to things is boisterous to better living. Over time, I let things that happen in the past affect how I react of thing I do now and things I hope for in the future. From experience I must say that the way we see things can affect many outcomes. I know what to do now having read this content. Reading books is the first thing I’m looking to explore. Thank you very much. I’ll definitely pass on this post. More people needs to be inspired.

    Sumani · August 22, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks for taking the time in going through my post and gaining the benefits that I have shared.

    I’m gladly receiving your comment and there will be more of these quality ideas posted on here and I will encourage you to visit this website often so that you will keep benefiting from these great ideas.

    Take care.

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