Philosophy of life is the way of life of people, how they think, how they use their minds and how they come up with ideas to make their life and an environment favorable for them. This is what determines how their life works out no matter their location, color or families they come from. The unique things that exist between all human beings are that we all think, come up with ideas and make judgment bases on what we think is right and all this process forms our philosophy.

What is philosophy of life ?. Through my experience and what I have learned from books by the most brilliant people and philosophers is what I am going to be sharing with you and I know you are going to love it so follow through the post and have the best that can help you and your generation yet to come if you will just simply apply some of these ideas in your life, there is no doubt that you will have a life of happiness and success.

      Importance of philosophy

      Life is an exciting adventure if you understand the rules that govern it, the most interesting thing is that these rules are basic and everybody can play by it no matter your color, place or the family you come from but the question that mostly my mentor used to ask is “Are you willing to follow and obey these rules? “.

      I would like to share with you some benefits of practicing a sound philosophy that corresponds to your life which can be quite amazing and help you achieve more in life, and these are:

      • Healthy life
      • Vitality
      • Knowledge
      • Achieve more of your dreams and goals
      • Confidence
      • You will be more than happy

      How our philosophies are formed – the building blocks

      Our philosophies are formed in the most basic way that we underestimate it and all of a sudden we don’t understand how we form all the thoughts and beliefs that we hold in our minds. We form all these philosophies starting from our parents, friends, schools, home, media( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, TV, etc ), books that we have read, listening and observing.

      The channels through which all our ideas and information that have attributed to the formation of our philosophies are unlimited and the current philosophy that each individual possess control any new ideas that come its way, it will accept it if it is in accordance with it or reject it if it is not in conformity with it. The new ideas that our current philosophy accepts add up broadening our knowledge and strengthening of our past beliefs about life and the people around us.

      We can shape or reform our philosophy by changing our focus into the direction we want so that we can succeed in reforming our current philosophy. It will be best to change our perception of how we judge situations or act opportunities around us. For example how we think about friends, families, our employers, the government and everything around us. If we amend our philosophy in positive terms and act toward the people positively, they will act towards us the same way. If we also work towards our dreams and goal in the right intention of achieving it, we will achieve it.

      Ways to develop a solid personal philosophy

      How we think and the decisions we make are the major factors that will determine what will happen in the future, if we are lucky to take the right decision we will succeed but if we take a wrong decision, there is no doubt that we are going to fail. What we think and the decision we make regarding life’s obstacles is base on what we have learned from the past until now, the learning process plays a major role in determining our current personal philosophy.

      We can not live without the information around us because our mind takes pictures and recording of all books we read, TV or radio programs that we listen or watch, songs that we listen to, our experience, other people experience, our emotions and all that have torched our life have accurately recorded in our mind.

      How we use this information for our benefits is what is the problem, because much of the information we have gathered has resulted in erroneous conclusions about life and that blocks the achievement of our goals.

      The best way to eliminate these errors is to review, reline and revise our philosophy. To establish a solid personal philosophy, it will be advisable, to begin with, an objective review of the conclusions we have drawn about life. Any conclusion that is not working for us may actually be working against us and how do we know these errors and eliminate them, this is a very difficult question to answer since we can’t best tell how we form all these ideas in our mind, the only solution is to change our mind or thinking habits and we can do these by inputting new information mind.

      Without changing what we know, we will continue to believe and act in a way that is contrary to our best interests and where can we get new, perfect information and ideas to enable us to become more than we are?. Luckily there are a lot of good ways through each we can get information from and they are just waiting to be used.

      • Reading books – All the information that we ever need to make us very healthy, happy, motivated and powerful have already had been written down by highly experienced and successful people in life so that we can also benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience. These people have carefully written down their wisdom and experience so that we can be motivated and make changes to our philosophy. I will advise that whoever is on here and is interested in personal development should discipline him or herself in reading at least 30 minutes a day in their field of occupation to see a result in a wealth of valuable information in a short period of time. I would like to share my favorite quote by my mentor Jim Roln which goes “Those who seek a better life must first become a better person. They must continually seek after self-mastery to develop a balanced philosophy of life and then live by the dictates of that philosophy. The habit of reading is a major stepping stone in the development of a sound philosophical foundation. It is one of the fundamentals required for the attainment of success and happiness.


      • Learn from personal experience – Everybody has a university of experience within them and these schools tell us whether something is right or wrong. One way to enjoy success is to do something wrong and learned from the experience and we have gathered these experiences all our life since birth so that it will serve us lest the repetition of past errors makes us their slave. We must look back to the past, reliving the moments, pondering the lessons and coming up with a perfect solution to our current and future problems.


      • Learn from other people’s success – Successful People are a great source of the learning point that we can start from because they have achieved most of our goals and dreams. They say success leaves a footprint and it should serve as a road map for us to follow. Studying the life, behavior, disciplines, and actions of successful people and applying it in our lives, I have no doubt that we will achieve the same results they are getting. I will suggest that we read biographies and quote books by some of the greatest people past and among us so that their ideas and discipline will guide us to be as powerful, influential and successful like them.


      • Learn from other people’s failure – Failure is something that no one like and how do we avoid it from occurring in our lives?. It’s a difficult question to answer but can also be simple if we study the life of people who have failed so that we can learn “what not to do”. our experiences can serve as a teacher provided we learned from the wisdom in it and invest its value in our own lives. However, as someone wisely said, “Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are condemned to repeat them”. Carefully studying the lives of failures gives us the awareness of what to do so that we will not use the trial and error method which will destroy us. One of the best places to find examples is religious books( The Holy Quran and The Holy Bible ).


      • Positive influence – Over here picking a role model is highly important, we can not do away with influence by friends, families and the society as a whole which involve both good and bad behavioral effects on our lives but we can select from these sources a unique individual whose personalities and achievements inspire us and then do all our best to assimilate their best qualities. Practicing leads to perfection, if you think and act in a certain way, you will become what you think about.


      • Learn from observation – The activities that go around us day in day out are there to teach us and make us better than we were yesterday so we should be mindful of what is happening in our current government, our community, new opportunities and new ideas that had been created in our industry. As these things will affect us in a way, it can be an opportunity in disguise that we should be alert about. Let us be sensitive to observe and ponder what is happening around us to get the best result out of it.


      • Learn from listening – The skill of sensitive listening can be a major tool in selecting from the many voices that are trying to get our attention. Listening is one of the greatest philosophy I will suggest that you develop, listening is knowledge and knowledge allows you to express yourself in the form of speaking and through speaking that people will listen to you and buy whatever idea that you are selling. Selective listening to successful people in your field of work can help increase our value and success


      • Keep a record of all valuable information you gathered The fact that we have a storage system in our brain should not prevent us from keeping a copy of whatever we have learned in the present, experiences, the events that took place in our life and the knowledge that we have gathered should not just happen but should be captured so that their lessons can be invested in the future. When the past is properly recorded in a book, can be one of the best guides for making good decisions today that will lead to a better tomorrow. Without accurate documentation of information to enable us to recall our past, we stand the risk of repeating most of the same errors over and over again due to our forgetfulness.


      Philosophies you must have in your life

      For the purpose of your benefits, these are some of the best categories of philosophies that I have come out with to help you in every expert of your life if you will pick up the disciplines to observe them to maximize your results.

      • Balance diet – It’s through food our body is fueled, Banana, watermelon or an apple a day can be a natural source of energy to the body. Stick to one of these on regular bases and you experience good health. It may look simple and boring to continue doing it for the rest of your life but you will be glad about the result if it’s part of your philosophy.


      • Exercising – Physical fitness can be achieved through exercising which leads us to a healthy lifestyle, picking off one of these methods of training can be a great starting point of personal philosophy. Exercising such as push-ups, sit-ups, and jogging can be a good way to increase and maintain a healthy life. My advice to a beginner is to start with one particular exercise as time goes on you will develop the strength to add more. For example, five push-ups a day is ok and do not get bored with the simplicity as times goes on you will increase the number.


      • Reading – We can be knowledgeable through learning and an hour of learning and thinking toward our profession on regular bases can increase our productivity. This will move us above all our competitors in our field of occupation.


      • Setting goals – Adapting to the philosophy of setting goals can be a drama because of the increase in the number of goals we will be achieving. It will be like magic, I will let you try it and give me feedback on my comment box.


      • Persistence – Develop the habit of persisting because it is a source of energy for dreams or goals to come to a reality. Without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With persistence, you will win.

      It’s worth it

      Everything starts with an idea or an intention and this leads to action, taking action on your philosophies will be the starting point of the achievement of your dreams and a happy life and the starting of one discipline leads to another and the other, finally you will build a strong personal philosophy that makes you have control over your life and if you master self-control, you can also control the circumstances around you for your benefits. My mentor( Jim Roln ) used to say everything is a study if you wish to be wealthy study wealth if you wish to be happy study happiness if you wish to healthy study health and if you wish to sophisticated study sophistication. Learning is the beginning of everything.

      Thank you for going through what I have spent my life so far gathering and do not forget to recommend your friends to this site or share what you have learned here to your friends and families and let everyone have a wonderful life.

      Don’t forget to leave a comment about this post and Lets learned from each other.

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      Kevin And Jade · August 3, 2019 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you for this post. 

      I always love learning about different ways to improve myself. 

      That said, I seem to have difficulty in implementing some of the habits that I know would help me develop a better personal philosophy. And then I beat myself up for it. I suppose, you also need a certain openness to change in order to succeed.

      What do you suppose is the best way to overcome this resistance, seeing as the main detractor to your success is really yourself?

        Sumani · August 3, 2019 at 5:05 pm

        Thanks for taking the time in going through my post.

        Forming a philosophy is never easy and I am also working on it just like anybody but one thing I think that is helping move ahead is listening to audio programs and watching self-improvement videos  by some of the top successful people in the world, for example, people like Les Brown, Zig Zigla, Jim Roln, Tony Robbins, etc. 

        These are people who have gone on to the next level and are highly experience in this field and listening to what they have to share with you can really help reform how you think about situations, ideas, and life in general. 

        You can get some videos and audios on youtube for free, I will suggest you listen to each day say 30 minutes and don’t worry how it will change you, in less than a month you will see how you will start thinking about situations around you, your work, opportunities, and obstacles. When you start questioning how you use to tackle situations, your new philosophy has started crystalizing and if you act on your newly form thinking, you will start seeing results.

         Try it and give me feedback.

        All the best


      Nuttanee · August 3, 2019 at 4:38 pm

      Thank you for writing such and informative that touched my heart personally at this state in my life. I am happy to see that I follow most of the philosophies already. I still need to work on writing down what I learned, you are absolutely right, it is good to keep track. I always have a student mentality, so that is why I have learned a lot over the years and I also read a lot of books and also listen to all the motivational coaches to just keep me going towards my goal. 

      Life can be crazy sometimes that we forget to work on ourselves and follow the life philosophy. But without a direction it will take longer to get the result. 

      I also have to work on being persistence as well.

        Sumani · August 3, 2019 at 5:26 pm

        Thanks for taking the time in going through my post and appreciating my effort.

        I will suggest you keep it up with the good work of not settling for less and always trying to discover more of your potentials in life. Personal improvement is a study, it never ends and when you move to the top, you can be able to see farther.

        Work on your persistence, it will help you achieve more if not all of your goals.

        I will be glad to read from you if you have any challenges on your journey to success.

        Take Care

      AmDetermined · August 3, 2019 at 4:41 pm

      Hi, your post is unique and educating, you really discussed about how to live a good life, all the point that you discuss needs to be share it will reduce the level of suicide if prospective victims come across your post for future references and to help my friends and family to also gain from your post I will be sharing your post on my social medias. I

      if we really understand life success will come to us and planning and learning from our mistakes and others mistake with having role model are vital Points in your post thanks for the research.

        Sumani · August 3, 2019 at 5:54 pm

        Thanks for taking the time in going through my post and gaining the benefits that I have shared.

        We can change the world by sharing some positive ideas that people can emulate to have the best in their lives and the feeling, something you can’t buy with money will be our returns. I will be glad if you extend or share this content with many people to also benefit from these ideas.

        I believe we can learn a lot from selecting one of the most influential people in our community and live by their ideas and discipline to achieve more or as they have achieved.

        I hope to read from you anytime you have a challenge concerning your personal development.

        Take Care

      Henderson · August 3, 2019 at 4:42 pm

      This is a really great post on the philosophy of life. From what I have read here, philosophy is just a way a person thinks and the thoughts of one. By channelling our mind to important things, we can live a better life. I like all the tips that you have given on pholosopjoes to follow. I’ll try to adhere to them and see how it goes from there. I also see that at the end of your post, you spoke about a mentor, I this k I need one too. I’ll be sure to share your post to my friends

        Sumani · August 3, 2019 at 6:09 pm

        Thanks for taking the time in going through my post and appreciating my effort.

        You are absolutely right about what our philosophy is and having the courage to observe them, it will help you achieve more in life and I will encourage you to keep it up and more years to come, you will achieve more of your desires.

        It’s great to have a mentor, they serve as a guide to us anytime we feel things are not going the right way.

        And I will be glad if you share this content so that the majority of people out there can benefit from these great ideas.

        Take Care.

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